Tall Dead Bush

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Author: Eremilion
Block count: 83
Views: 530

Hey, what are You? A bush? A freakin' dead bush? Well, okay then. Could this model benefit Your maps? It sure could. It looks rather odd but it does have a story to tell. And the fun part is that You can make that up! If Your friends wonder what kind of model it is, use Your imagination and come up with a great story. Hah, it'll be worth it!
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Blocks you'll need:

Oak Fence 52
Acacia Wood 31
Skill level 1
Object added 13 Jan 2017
Width 6
Height 13
Depth 6
Tags dead bush, bush, outdoor, outdoor decoration
Block Count 83
Object materials
Oak Fence 52
Acacia Wood (No axis) 31
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Level 7
6 Blocks
6 Blocks

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