Small Stone Fountain 2

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Author: astinax
Block count: 483
Views: 1860

What a gorgeous creation! Something to seriously consider when working on a park or modern city or anything similar. And did You notice how it glows in the dark? Beautiful! You know what would be even more awesome... If it could sing as well, haha. But You know, in Minecraft, everything is possible. So You better follow Your dreams and use a little fantasy to make all of that happen ;)
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Blocks you'll need:

Double Stone Slab 131
Grass 126
Stone Slab 103
Water 72
Still Water 44
Glowstone 5
Dirt 2
Skill level 1
Object added 07 Mar 2017
Width 15
Height 8
Depth 15
Tags small stone fountain, fountain, small fountain, stone fountain, outdoor decoration
Block Count 483
Object materials
Double Stone Slab 131
Grass 126
Stone Slab 67
Still Water 44
Stone Slab (Upper) 36
Water (Water level Max) 29
Water (Water level Max - 1) 18
Water (Water level Max - 1, Falling) 16
Water (Water level Max - 2, Falling) 8
Glowstone 5
Dirt 2
Water (Water level Max - 2) 1
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15 Blocks

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