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Author: hogbits
Block count: 104
Views: 427

Now this ice tree here is looking rather fluffy! I actually love the idea of it - the ice cubes with different shades and how cute and small this tree is. What do You think, where would it look the most perfect garden, forest or in savannah maybe? Anyway wherever it is for You, just build it and I am pretty sure You'll feel much calmer, happier and more christmas like with this small tree here. It is wonderful how much one tree can change :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Packed Ice 57
Ice 39
Birch Wood 8
Skill level 1
Object added 01 Dec 2016
Width 7
Height 9
Depth 7
Tags ice, ice tree, small tree, winter, frozen tree, frozen
Block Count 104
Object materials
Packed Ice 57
Ice 39
Birch Wood 8
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7 Blocks

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