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Author: klotz_klotz
Block count: 424
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I hope You like Yellow cause well this Hobbit house here is totally Yellow. Plus it looks like a undercover cop's house who needs to keep a low profile. I mean just look it from far away, it looks like a field and those crops that are growing around the house are just perfect, don't You think so? But the interior is really cozy, there is a small kitchen and a bedroom. So if You like this Hobbit house then, well just start building it and it can be all Yours. Have fun :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Grass 75
Hay Bale 71
Farmland 49
Wheat 48
Dirt 37
Oak Leaves 30
Oak Wood 27
Oak Fence 18
Spruce Wood Plank 14
Cobblestone 5
Stone 5
Bookshelf 4
Still Water 4
Chest 4
Spruce Wood Stairs 4
Oak Fence Gate 3
Wooden Trapdoor 3
Dandelion 3
Wall Sign 3
Poppy 3
Gravel 3
Oak Door 2
Bed 2
Burning Furnace 1
Oak Wood Stairs 1
Stone Brick Slab 1
Black Carpet 1
View Other Materials 29
Skill level 1
Object added 02 Jul 2016
Width 13
Height 6
Depth 12
Tags the hobbit, hobbit house, small house, house
Block Count 424
Object materials
Hay Bale (Axis Y) 71
Grass 62
Wheat (Age 7) 48
Farmland (Fully Hydrated) 45
Dirt 37
Oak Leaves (No Decay and Check Decay) 25
Oak Wood 24
Oak Fence 18
Spruce Wood Plank 14
Grass 13
Oak Leaves (No Decay) 5
Stone 5
Still Water 4
Farmland (Dry Land) 4
Bookshelf 4
Cobblestone 4
Gravel 3
Dandelion 3
Poppy 3
Chest (East) 3
Oak Wood (facing north/south) 2
Spruce Wood Stairs (South, Normal) 2
Wall Sign, north 2
Spruce Wood Stairs (East, Normal) 2
Spruce Wood Slab (Bottom) 2
Wooden Trapdoor (North from block, Open, Top Half) 1
Chest (North) 1
Oak Door (Facing North, Closed, Lower) 1
Oak Fence Gate (Facing South, Closed) 1
Cobblestone (Upper) 1
Oak Fence Gate (Facing West, Closed) 1
Bed (North, Empty, Head of the bed) 1
Oak Wood (facing east/west) 1
Spruce Wood Slab (Upper) 1
Burning Furnace (Facing East) 1
Bed (North, Empty, Foot of the bed) 1
Wooden Trapdoor (South from block, Open, Bottom half) 1
Oak Wood Stairs (East, Normal) 1
Stone Brick Slab (Upper) 1
Wooden Trapdoor (East from block, Open, Top Half) 1
Oak Fence Gate (Facing East, Opened) 1
Oak Door (Hinge Left, Unpowered, Upper 1
Wall Sign, south 1
Black Carpet 1
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