Small Carpet Design 2

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Author: Creeperunted
Block count: 15
Views: 570

That new houseou just built is lacking some color? No worries, I've got a great decoration element for You! A small carpet colored in black and green is what You'll need. And You're gonna have it. It'll instantly make the scene more cheerful! Oh, and don't forget to find more colorful carpets from Grabcraft to make the house look extra fun :P
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Blocks you'll need:

Lime Carpet 8
Black Carpet 7
Skill level 1
Object added 05 Oct 2016
Width 4
Height 1
Depth 4
Tags carpet, decoration, home decor, small carpet
Block Count 15
Object materials
Lime Carpet 8
Black Carpet 7
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Level 7
4 Blocks
4 Blocks

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