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Author: Redranger
Block count: 49
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Oh how I love fireplaces, they are so much fun, they are so sweet and beautiful. This simple fireplace here reminds me of winter fireplaces. You know where You can hang Your stockings and wait for the Santa to come - the memories. Anyway this fireplace here looks really good, right? The red stones, the fire inside and of course doesn't it look safe too? Perfect for houses with families or if You are a bit clumsy. Anyway if this is the fireplace for You then have fun :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Bricks 23
Stone 6
Brick Stairs 6
Iron Bars 4
Cobblestone 4
Netherrack 2
Fire 2
Wooden Trapdoor 2
Skill level 1
Object added 05 Apr 2017
Width 4
Height 8
Depth 3
Tags fireplace, fireplace design, design, interior
Block Count 49
Object materials
Bricks 21
Stone 6
Iron Bars 4
Cobblestone 4
Netherrack 2
Brick Stairs (South, Normal) 2
Fire (Age 15) 2
Brick Stairs (East, Normal) 2
Bricks (Upper) 2
Brick Stairs (West, Normal) 2
Wooden Trapdoor (West from block, Open, Bottom half) 2
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