Savanna Small Tree 5 v2.0

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Author: ImperiumMC
Block count: 24
Views: 507

Adorable, this small tree is amazingly cute, like a small fluffy puppy. But this here is a green puppy, do You like it tho? I hope You do because I can already imagine all of the cool places You could build it and it would look extra fancy. Plus You can always add some colors in the middle of the trees, You know flowers, to make it look even better. Yes, so if You need some cute trees to make Your Savanna a better place then here You are, You can thank me later :D
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Blocks you'll need:

Birch Leaves 20
Oak Wood 4
Skill level 1
Object added 12 Nov 2016
Width 4
Height 4
Depth 5
Tags savannah, savannah tree, small tree, nature, natural looking tree, natural
Block Count 24
Object materials
Birch Leaves (No Decay and Check Decay) 20
Oak Wood (only bark) 4
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