Sandstone Desert Church

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Author: DarthRiddle
Block count: 403
Views: 3428

See? All churches are not filled with details, little statues, eye catching colors and all of those stuff. This church here is just wonderful without all of that. Just add a few great people inside there and it is a perfect place to go, right? Since it isn't huge then it is perfect for a little village in the middle of the desert who like small cozy churches with comfy chairs.
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Blocks you'll need:

Sandstone Stairs 125
Sandstone 68
Smooth Sandstone 46
Yellow Wool 40
Glass Pane 32
Chiseled Sandstone 30
Red Wool 20
Spruce Wood Stairs 14
Sandstone Slab 12
Spruce Wood Plank 6
Torch 4
Oak Door 4
Enchantment Table 2
Skill level 1
Object added 03 May 2017
Width 10
Height 8
Depth 14
Tags sandstone, sandstone church, desert, church, small church, simple
Block Count 403
Object materials
Sandstone 68
Smooth Sandstone 46
Yellow Wool 40
Glass Pane 32
Chiseled Sandstone 30
Sandstone Stairs (East, Normal) 26
Sandstone Stairs (West, Normal) 24
Sandstone Stairs (North, Normal) 20
Red Wool 20
Sandstone Stairs (South, Normal) 15
Sandstone Stairs (East, Upside-down) 13
Sandstone Stairs (West, Upside-down) 12
Sandstone Slab (Upper) 12
Sandstone Stairs (North, Upside-down) 10
Spruce Wood Stairs (South, Normal) 8
Spruce Wood Stairs (North, Normal) 6
Spruce Wood Plank 6
Sandstone Stairs (South, Upside-down) 5
Torch (Facing South) 2
Oak Door (Facing South, Closed, Lower) 2
Torch (Facing North) 2
Enchantment Table 2
Oak Door (Hinge Left, Unpowered, Upper 1
Oak Door (Hinge Right, Unpowered, Upper) 1
"this looks like ligma" -  Ninja
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2020-04-28 08:18:48 Ninja

this looks like ligma