Roman Farm House

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Author: dionp3838
Block count: 543
Views: 1958

I have always wondered how did people live in farm houses? Did they wake up with the rooster and had a busy day all day long every day? It doesn't sound very inviting because I love to sleep. I got to say that this Roman farm house here looks very good and really clean, plus there are three cozy beds, kitchen table and even a lot of chest on the second floor. So if You'd love to live in a farm house then just build it and have the time of Your life.
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Blocks you'll need:

Cobblestone 136
Spruce Wood Stairs 128
Light Gray Wool 81
Oak Wood 43
Oak Wood Plank 40
Cobblestone Stairs 40
Chest 12
Oak Wood Stairs 9
Double Stone Slab 8
Stone Slab 6
Bed 6
Torch 4
Bricks 3
Oak Fence 3
Brick Slab 3
Oak Door 2
Cauldron 1
Burning Furnace 1
Stone Pressure Plate 1
Crafting Table 1
View Other Materials 19
Skill level 1
Object added 22 Apr 2016
Width 9
Height 9
Depth 17
Tags roman, house, farm house, farm, village
Block Count 543
Object materials
Cobblestone 136
Light Gray Wool 81
Spruce Wood Stairs (South, Normal) 64
Spruce Wood Stairs (North, Normal) 64
Oak Wood Plank 40
Oak Wood 31
Spruce Wood Slab (Bottom) 15
Cobblestone Stairs (North, Normal) 14
Cobblestone Stairs (South, Normal) 14
Oak Wood (facing north/south) 12
Double Stone Slab 8
Cobblestone Stairs (West, Normal) 7
Stone Slab 6
Cobblestone Stairs (East, Normal) 5
Oak Wood Stairs (East, Normal) 4
Chest (West) 4
Chest (North) 4
Bricks (Upper) 3
Oak Fence 3
Bed (East, Empty, Foot of the bed) 3
Brick Slab 3
Bed (East, Empty, Head of the bed) 3
Chest (South) 2
Torch (Facing West) 2
Oak Wood Stairs (West, Upside-down) 2
Chest (East) 2
Cauldron (Fully Filled) 1
Torch (Facing South) 1
Burning Furnace (Facing South) 1
Stone Pressure Plate (Unactive) 1
Oak Wood Stairs (North, Normal) 1
Oak Door (Facing East, Closed, Lower) 1
Crafting Table 1
Oak Wood Stairs (West, Normal) 1
Oak Wood Stairs (South, Normal) 1
Oak Door (Hinge Left, Unpowered, Upper 1
Torch (Facing North) 1
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