Packed Ice Tree 11

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Author: hogbits
Block count: 103
Views: 528

Dear tree, why You so bright!? Trying to knock us all down before Santa comes? Please don't! Despite this ice tree's blinding sparkle, it's probably one of the most beautiful frozen trees here in Minecraft. When in doubt, go search Grabcraft for more. But first- see the blueprints for this beauty and start "blinding" Your buddies in Minecraft :P
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Blocks you'll need:

Packed Ice 98
Snow Block 5
Skill level 1
Object added 21 Dec 2016
Width 7
Height 8
Depth 7
Tags ice, ice tree, winter, frozen, frozen tree
Block Count 103
Object materials
Packed Ice 98
Snow Block 5
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Level 7
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7 Blocks

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