Motorbike Design 6

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Author: PagiDo
Block count: 10
Views: 596

Hmmm ... well the Motorbike You see here must be one of a kind. At least it sure looks that way - those colorful wheels, the body and the shape of it, white and grey colors together like this. I think it looks pretty artistic really but most important, it is easy to build. So if You need a cool Motorbike right now then this here is the way to go, I am sure of that. So just open the blueprints and have fun :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Stone Button 4
Block of Coal 2
Hopper 1
Mob Head 1
Weighted Pressure Plate 1
Quartz Stairs 1
Skill level 1
Object added 15 Jan 2018
Width 3
Height 2
Depth 4
Tags motorbike, motorbike design, motorcycle, design
Block Count 10
Object materials
Stone Button (Facing North, Inactive) 2
Stone Button (Facing South, Inactive) 2
Block of Coal 2
Hopper (Output Facing East, Disabled) 1
Mob Head (On a Wall Facing East) 1
Weighted Pressure Plate (heavy) 1
Quartz Stairs (East, Normal) 1
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