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Author: Viridion
Block count: 418
Views: 2062

Now this blacksmith here is for warm climates only because it is snowing right now here and I don't think any blacksmith would like to work outside when it is cold. But when it is warm then this building here is perfect because while working You can feel the wind in Your hair and sun on Your skin. As You can see there are many things already in this building here but if You'd like to add anything then be my guest, but first check out the blueprints below and build it :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Oak Wood 113
Oak Wood Slab 72
Cobblestone 42
Oak Fence 38
Cobblestone Stairs 23
Double Oak Wood Slab 20
Oak Fence Gate 15
Cobblestone Slab 12
Torch 4
Stone Slab 2
Stone Brick Stairs 2
Cauldron 1
View Other Materials 5
Skill level 1
Object added 27 Oct 2016
Width 11
Height 9
Depth 15
Tags medieval, blacksmith, medieval blacksmith, small blacksmith
Block Count 418
Object materials
Oak Wood 82
Oak Wood Slab (Upper) 74
Oak Wood Slab (Bottom) 72
Cobblestone 39
Oak Fence 38
Double Oak Wood Slab 20
Oak Wood (facing east/west) 18
Cobblestone Stairs (East, Normal) 13
Oak Wood (facing north/south) 13
Cobblestone Slab 12
Oak Fence Gate (Facing South, Closed) 8
Oak Fence Gate (Facing North, Closed) 7
Cobblestone Stairs (South, Normal) 5
Cobblestone Stairs (North, Normal) 5
Cobblestone (Upper) 3
Torch (Facing South) 2
Stone Slab 2
Torch (Facing North) 2
Stone Brick Stairs (East) 1
Stone Brick Stairs (West) 1
Cauldron (Fully Filled) 1
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