Medieval Low Wind Flag 2

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Author: Brancaleone
Block count: 29
Views: 1845

Long flags, short flags, ripped flags, perfect flags ... there are so many flags to choose from and it can be a bit difficult actually. It is like choosing the perfect ice cream from the hundreds of ones ... impossible! But this flag here is a long one, so if You have a big house or just a huge roof then this one here should be perfect! What do You think of the Medieval colors - blue and yellow? Pretty unique actually but anyway, blueprints are below if this is the one!
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Blocks you'll need:

Oak Fence 11
Yellow Wool 10
Light Blue Wool 8
Skill level 1
Object added 29 Mar 2017
Width 9
Height 11
Depth 3
Tags medieval, flag, medieval flag, outdoor decoration
Block Count 29
Object materials
Oak Fence 11
Yellow Wool 10
Light Blue Wool 8
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