Jungle Banyan Tree

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Author: Eremilion
Block count: 201
Views: 729

What a fun little tree! When it's all grown up it could be amazingly tall and wide. It's a perfect jungle tree to add some extra exotic feeling to the whole collection. Why don't You give it a try and see how it fits to Your bundle? A lil' jungle banyan tree never killed nobody. Go for it! ;)
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Blocks you'll need:

Dark Oak Leaves 111
Acacia Wood 46
Spruce Fence 44
Skill level 1
Object added 11 Jan 2017
Width 9
Height 12
Depth 11
Tags jungle tree, exotic tree, banyan, outdoor, outdoor decoration
Block Count 201
Object materials
Dark Oak Leaves (Check Decay and No Decay) 76
Acacia Wood (No axis) 46
Spruce Fence 44
Dark Oak Leaves (No Decay) 35
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