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Author: NimsTV
Block count: 34
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You'll never run out of dye again! Pay attention - this farm only works with flowers that use up two blocks - sunflowers for example. Make sure You'll fill in the dispensers with bone meal and there You go! You'll automatically have Yur flowers grown - You can use farm for all the flowers changing them from time to time or You can build new farms for other flowers! Go ahead, check out the blueprints and start building it! Let us know in the comments if it works for You!
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Blocks you'll need:

Quartz Block 15
Redstone Wire 6
Quartz Slab 3
Quartz Stairs 3
Dispenser 2
Flower 2
Grass 1
Lever 1
Redstone Comparator 1
Skill level 1
Object added 22 Nov 2015
Width 3
Height 4
Depth 5
Tags redstone, working mechanism, machine, flower farm, dye farm, working mechanism, flower farm, dye farm
Block Count 34
Object materials
Quartz Block 15
Redstone Wire (Power:0) 6
Quartz Slab 3
Quartz Stairs (South, Normal) 3
Dispenser (Facing North, Unactive) 2
Grass 1
Flower (Double Tallgrass, Upper) 1
Flower (Rose Bush, Lower) 1
Lever (On Block Side Facing North, Not Active) 1
Redstone Comparator (Facing North, Unset, Unpowered ) 1
"Doesnt work" -  Jack
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2018-04-25 22:21:41 Jack

Doesnt work

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