Huge Old Tree

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Author: RexRaptor
Block count: 5929
Views: 4457

Woah, now that is what I call a creepy tree. It is literally calling for nightmares, scary stories, halloween and witches. But since it is an old tree then I bet it has its own story to tell, right? Because trees can get really old, I wonder how old this tree is ... 150, 300 years? But it sure looks old and really detailed atually. Building a tree like that will take some time but it is all worth it because this old tree here is amazing. So take care of it, will You?
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Blocks you'll need:

Acacia Wood 4956
Dark Oak Leaves 944
Cobweb 27
Brown Mushroom 2
View Other Materials 29
Skill level 4
Object added 14 Apr 2017
Width 64
Height 57
Depth 70
Tags old tree, fantasy tree, huge tree, outdoors, outdoor decoration
Block Count 5929
Object materials
Acacia Wood (No axis) 4938
Dark Oak Leaves 470
Dark Oak Leaves (Check Decay and No Decay) 458
Cobweb 27
Acacia Wood 16
Dark Oak Leaves (No Decay) 16
Brown Mushroom 2
Acacia Wood, Facing North/South 1
Acacia Wood, Facing East/West 1
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