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Author: iAndresitoh
Block count: 3662
Views: 3870

What about a giant flower? The flowers here are growing in the spring only, so it is like a reminder to people that summer is close, sun is coming and the snow will melt. But since it is huge then it is really unique, right? It is like a forest and honestly how would You feel standing in front of it? Nature really is amazing. Anyway if You need huge flowers that are bigger than the house then here You go.
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Blocks you'll need:

Lime Stained Clay 2730
Snow Block 932
Skill level 3
Object added 08 Oct 2017
Width 40
Height 63
Depth 40
Tags flower, fantasy flower, giant flower, landscaping, outdoor decoration
Block Count 3662
Object materials
Lime Stained Clay 2730
Snow Block 932
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40 Blocks

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