Feudal Japanese Upper Class House 1

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Author: _Zal_
Block count: 1502
Views: 1727

I have seen lower and middle class houses and to be honest, this upper class house isn't very different actually. I mean yeah, it is bigger and I can even see the design of it and how many roofs it has, but there aren't many details ... so it is still the same beautiful simple and elegant house. It isn't furnished tho but that should be the perfect news, right? I mean designing and making the house look alive should be the coolest part of building a house, isn't it?
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Blocks you'll need:

Oak Wood Stairs 318
Oak Wood 315
Jungle Wood Plank 274
Clay 255
Cobblestone 107
Oak Fence 81
Jungle Wood Stairs 65
Oak Wood Plank 58
Torch 22
Oak Door 4
Stone Pressure Plate 2
View Other Materials 7
Skill level 2
Object added 20 Jan 2017
Width 23
Height 18
Depth 16
Tags feudal japan, japan, japanese house, historical, unfurnished
Block Count 1502
Object materials
Jungle Wood Plank 274
Clay 255
Oak Wood 217
Oak Wood Stairs (East, Normal) 124
Cobblestone 107
Oak Wood Stairs (South, Normal) 85
Oak Fence 81
Oak Wood Stairs (West, Normal) 66
Oak Wood (facing north/south) 62
Oak Wood Plank 58
Oak Wood Stairs (North, Normal) 39
Oak Wood (facing east/west) 36
Jungle Wood Stairs (South, Normal) 29
Jungle Wood Stairs (East, Normal) 25
Torch (Facing West) 8
Jungle Wood Stairs (North, Normal) 6
Torch (Facing North) 5
Jungle Wood Stairs (West, Normal) 5
Torch (Facing South) 5
Torch (Facing East) 4
Oak Door (Facing East, Closed, Lower) 2
Stone Pressure Plate (Unactive) 2
Oak Wood Stairs (West, Upside-down) 2
Oak Wood Stairs (North, Upside-down) 2
Oak Door (Hinge Right, Unpowered, Upper) 1
Oak Door (Hinge Left, Unpowered, Upper 1
(Jungle Wood, Bottom) 1
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