Fantasy Small Pink Tree 2

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Author: alecvdh
Block count: 416
Views: 6036

If trees could give us WiFi, would You love them more? If You are one of those people who really don't love trees then maybe a bit of colors, details and uniqueness is going to change You mind. I mean this here is a pink tree, I can't see any green leaves it is all perfectly pink - how cool is that? I just love unique stuff, things that not many people have plus pink is a pretty color and it reminds me of cherry spring. So just build it if You'd love to have a pink tree.
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Blocks you'll need:

Pink Wool 217
Oak Wood 104
Pink Stained Glass 95
Skill level 1
Object added 18 Aug 2016
Width 19
Height 15
Depth 18
Tags fantasy, fantasy tree, small tree, tree
Block Count 416
Object materials
Pink Wool 217
Oak Wood (only bark) 104
Pink Stained Glass 95
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