Covert Ops Humvee 2

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Author: CraftAndCombat
Block count: 90
Views: 271

Covert operations always require the best possible defense. Especially when the head of the mission needs a ride. You must be ready to offer the best possible service for them! Get this extra secured and bulletproof humvee and worry about other stuff ;)
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Blocks you'll need:

Stone Slab 34
Cyan Stained Clay 25
Gray Wool 7
Nether Brick Stairs 4
Black Wool 4
Oak Fence Gate 4
Stone Button 4
Ladder 3
Stone Brick Stairs 2
Wall 1
Wall Sign 1
Wooden Trapdoor 1
Skill level 1
Object added 28 Sep 2016
Width 6
Height 3
Depth 9
Tags humvee, army, military, vehicle, all terrain
Block Count 90
Object materials
Stone Slab (Upper) 30
Cyan Stained Clay 25
Gray Wool 7
Nether Brick Stairs (South, Normal) 4
Black Wool 4
Stone Slab 4
Ladder (facing north) 2
Oak Fence Gate (Facing East, Closed) 2
Oak Fence Gate (Facing West, Closed) 2
Stone Button (Facing West, Inactive) 2
Stone Brick Stairs (South, Normal) 2
Stone Button (Facing East, Inactive) 2
Wall-mounted Sign Block west-northwest 1
Ladder (facing west) 1
Wall Sign, west 1
Wooden Trapdoor (East from block, Closed, Top Half) 1
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