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Author: Minjoltgaming08
Block count: 44
Views: 439

Ladies and gentleman, here's Your new favourite bike ever. A tricycle with a closed cabin so You won't need to think about the weather all the time. You can cruise around the town nonstop, cuz it's just too fun to stop! I'm sure Your friends would be jelly. Oh, soo jelly!
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Blocks you'll need:

Quartz Slab 17
Quartz Stairs 14
Black Stained Glass 4
Stone Button 4
Black Wool 3
Quartz Block 2
Skill level 1
Object added 11 Oct 2016
Width 5
Height 4
Depth 6
Tags trike, closed trike, motorcycle, motorbike
Block Count 44
Object materials
Quartz Slab 9
Quartz Slab (Upper) 8
Quartz Stairs (South, Normal) 5
Black Stained Glass 4
Quartz Stairs (North, Normal) 3
Black Wool 3
Quartz Stairs (South, Upside-down) 2
Quartz Stairs (North, Upside-down) 2
Stone Button (Facing West, Inactive) 2
Stone Button (Facing East, Inactive) 2
Quartz Block 2
Quartz Stairs (East, Upside-down) 1
Quartz Stairs (West, Upside-down) 1
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