Big Medieval Flag

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Author: Brancaleone
Block count: 99
Views: 3943

I have always wondered how do they get so beautiful, unique and realistic flags up on the roofs ... well now I know. Doesn't it look cool tho? I just love how real it looks, I can immediately tell it is a perfect windy day ... well perfect for flags because wind is a no no for me. Anyway the colors, to be honest You can choose the colors You like but this here is a perfect medieval flag and if You would love to build it then blueprints are below. Have fun :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Light Blue Wool 57
Yellow Wool 30
Oak Fence 12
Skill level 1
Object added 29 Mar 2017
Width 27
Height 12
Depth 5
Tags medieval, flag, medieval flag, outdoor decoration
Block Count 99
Object materials
Light Blue Wool 57
Yellow Wool 30
Oak Fence 12
"Looks really good, thanks a lot <3" -  BeginnerBuilder
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2020-02-01 12:21:07 BeginnerBuilder

Looks really good, thanks a lot <3