Ancient House Ruin 1

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Author: Denneran
Block count: 358
Views: 957

Well these ruins must've been here for a long time now. They're becoming almost invisible under these green plants. But that's just amazing how much mysterious this whole thing looks and feels... I could smell those unforgettable and beautiful memories made in here. Or what if something bad happened in here? We'll never know.
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Blocks you'll need:

Grass 101
Vines 81
Cobblestone 74
Moss Stone 61
Dirt 30
Cobblestone Slab 6
Fern 4
Furnace 1
Skill level 1
Object added 04 Jan 2017
Width 12
Height 5
Depth 11
Tags ancient, ruins, house ruins, outdoor, outdoor decoration
Block Count 358
Object materials
Grass 81
Cobblestone 74
Moss Stone 61
Dirt 30
Vines (North) 23
Vines (West) 22
Grass 20
Vines (South) 20
Vines (East) 16
Cobblestone Slab 6
Fern 4
Furnace (Facing South) 1
"c00l 4nc13n7 h0u53 y0u 607 7h3r3" -  bl0ck 5l4y3r420_69
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2020-01-17 17:26:00 bl0ck 5l4y3r420_69

c00l 4nc13n7 h0u53 y0u 607 7h3r3