Why Is Minecraft So Popular?

Why Is Minecraft So Popular?

Computer game Minecraft has conquered millions and millions of people’s hearts. Have you ever wondered, though, what is it about Minecraft that makes it so popular? In this post, we will try to open the topic a little further and analyze, what is it about Minecraft that makes so many people glued to their computer screens.


Simple To Use With Endless Possibilities

Probably one of the biggest advantages that Minecraft has in opposed to other computer games is it’s simplicity and flexibility. Minecraft is an online pixelated world, that is made out of different kind of material blocks. Each player can choose between different game modes. You can play survival mode, where you have to find the needed materials and build shelter from creatures of the night. There is also a creative mode, where you can let your imagination run wild and build basically whatever you like in your world. Thirdly, there is also multiplayer mode, where you can build different things together with your friends.

Anything that you can imagine, you can create on Minecraft. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a rocket scientists to perform great results. That is probably one of the reasons, why so many people get addicted on Minecraft.

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No Endgame

Minecraft does not have an endgame. Have you ever experienced that you put so much time and effort into a game to learn and really grasp every aspect of it and just when you feel you’ve gotten hang of everything finally, it is endgame time and there are not so many challenges left anymore. The storyline ends.

Well, not in Minecraft. The game is literally endless. In survival mode you will get a chain of different tasks, what you need to do in order to survive. For example you need to find wood to craft different items, make yourself a pickaxe, so you could mine coal and get even better materials and better tools. Each task you complete opens up more possibilities and this kind of chain of tasks is endless. Each time you go on the game, you will continue where you left of last time.

That is also why you can probably never bore with Minecraft – there is always something to do. In creative mode players can gain fame and share their ideas with other players on building different houses, castles, mansions, parks or whole cities.

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Both Fun And Educational

In nowaday’s world, games that are a lot of fun do not have the educational factor in them. Minecraft does! This is probably also why Minecraft is so popular not only among their kids but also among the parents. Minecraft is a game where you can build your own world, exactly how you want it to. It is also place to learn – how to build more and more complex buildings. In that way it is a great resource where to advance your logical thinking and construction skills.

Furthermore all those educational factors are made in a very fun and engaging way. It is so fun you won’t even notice how much you are actually learning!

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