Salt Truck

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Author: Minjoltgaming08
Block count: 135
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Brr, it's getting cold again outside. Roads are icy and that means danger. Be smart and get Yourself a salt truck to keep the main roads nice and safe even at the lowest degrees. Safety first, buddy! By the way, I wonder if there's a sugar truck, too!?
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Blocks you'll need:

Orange Wool 40
Brick Stairs 25
Quartz Slab 19
Iron Block 7
Stone Button 6
Black Wool 6
Snow 5
Quartz Stairs 5
Black Stained Glass 5
Lever 3
Cobblestone Wall 3
Wooden Button 2
Hopper 2
Stone Brick Stairs 2
Black Stained Glass Pane 2
Cobblestone Slab 1
Ladder 1
Double Stone Slab 1
View Other Materials 3
Skill level 1
Object added 17 Oct 2016
Width 5
Height 5
Depth 13
Tags salt truck, winter service, vehicle, working vehicle
Block Count 135
Object materials
Orange Wool 40
Quartz Slab (Upper) 19
Iron Block 7
Brick Stairs (West, Upside-down) 6
Brick Stairs (West, Normal) 6
Brick Stairs (East, Upside-down) 6
Black Wool 6
Brick Stairs (East, Normal) 6
Black Stained Glass 5
Stone Button (Facing East, Inactive) 3
Stone Button (Facing West, Inactive) 3
Quartz Stairs (South, Normal) 3
Cobblestone Wall 3
Wooden Button (Facing North, Inactive) 2
Lever (On Block Top Points South When Off, Not Active) 2
Snow (Two Layers) 2
Black Stained Glass Pane 2
Snow (One Layer) 2
Quartz Stairs (East, Upside-down) 1
Hopper (Output Facing South, Disabled) 1
Stone Brick Stairs (North, Normal) 1
Snow (Three Layers) 1
Lever (On Block Side Facing West, Not Active) 1
Quartz Stairs (West, Upside-down) 1
Ladder (facing north) 1
Stone Brick Stairs (North, Upside-down) 1
Double Stone Slab 1
Cobblestone Slab 1
Brick Stairs (South, Normal) 1
Hopper (Output Facing East, Disabled) 1
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