Old Biplane

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Author: EvilGMR
Block count: 107
Views: 137

Man, this thing's OLD. I have serious doubts if it could fly again or not. I guess not... But who cares- it's vintage and therefore it's cool! Maybe You could even see it in Your planes collection? Or in a museum? Take this in consideration! PS. I think You should really try it. Yeap, You should :P
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Blocks you'll need:

Stone Slab 15
Oak Fence 12
Red Stained Clay 9
Stone Button 4
Cobweb 4
Black Wool 3
Double Stone Slab 1
Double Spruce Wood Slab 1
Wooden Button 1
Skill level 1
Object added 30 Apr 2016
Width 15
Height 4
Depth 12
Tags plane, bi-plane, airplane, vehicle, transportation
Block Count 107
Object materials
Spruce Wood Slab (Bottom) 29
Spruce Wood Slab (Upper) 28
Stone Slab (Upper) 12
Oak Fence 12
Red Stained Clay 9
Cobweb 4
Black Wool 3
Stone Slab 3
Stone Button (Facing West, Inactive) 2
Stone Button (Facing East, Inactive) 2
Double Spruce Wood Slab 1
Wooden Button (Facing North, Inactive) 1
Double Stone Slab 1
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