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Author: Enmah
Block count: 50
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Have You ever Hang glided? I haven't but it is on my to do list, so I will. Isn't it kind of scary tho to glide in the air .... when I think of it, it should actually be very relaxing bird like feeling, am I right? Well this glider here is looking really good, black, blue and white are looking really good together and it seems to be really easy to build too. Easy and very fun. So if You want to feel like a bird and glide across the sky then make sure to build it soon, alright?
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Blocks you'll need:

Oak Fence 17
White Wool 10
Blue Wool 10
Gray Wool 5
Stone Slab 4
Torch 3
Stone Pressure Plate 1
Skill level 1
Object added 22 Mar 2016
Width 13
Height 5
Depth 9
Tags glider, aircraft, sport, transportation, hang glider
Block Count 50
Object materials
Oak Fence 17
Blue Wool 10
White Wool 10
Gray Wool 5
Stone Slab 4
Torch (Facing East) 1
Torch (Facing West) 1
Stone Pressure Plate (Unactive) 1
Torch (Facing North) 1
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