Chinese Dragon

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Author: Arrrcher
Block count: 2727
Views: 395

Minecrafting a dragon is always a good idea. Always. Especially when You can pick between so many different models! This time I'm showing You something special. It's a Chinese dragon in it's whole glory! Big, majestic, a bit scary... I wonder how it would look right next to a fictional dragon? I bet they would both look stunning. You've got to try it out!
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Blocks you'll need:

Netherrack 2691
Light Gray Wool 27
Nether Brick Fence 5
Obsidian 2
White Wool 2
View Other Materials 9
Skill level 2
Object added 12 Feb 2016
Width 44
Height 31
Depth 41
Tags dragon, statue, fictional, fictional animal, chineese dragon, statue, fictional animal, chineese dragon
Block Count 2727
Object materials
Netherrack 2691
Light Gray Wool 27
Nether Brick Fence 5
White Wool 2
Obsidian 2
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