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Author: NextJokeGaming
Block count: 2037
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Building houses high from the ground has many advantages: it's invisible from curious neighbours, from hungry zombies, from enemies armies - practically from everybody, except when You know what to look for! It is protected in so many ways that I wonder, why people don't build tree houses all the time? Oh... maybe we just wouldn't have any guests then - ever! This secret tree house has three rooms (bedroom/living room, library and manufactury) that are all interconnected like Your own private treetop subway! Move easily from one room to another, shoot arrows to enemies on the ground leaving them clueless, where the attack came from! It will be Your secret fortress and even cutting the tree doesn't help 'cause we all know that cut trees in Minecraft just don't fall :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Jungle Leaves 687
Jungle Wood 580
Glass 288
Oak Wood Slab 182
Oak Wood Plank 72
Oak Fence 31
Bookshelf 29
Spruce Wood 26
Jungle Wood Stairs 24
Torch 24
Chest 23
Bed 12
Furnace 12
Stone Button 6
Dispenser 6
Anvil 4
Cauldron 4
Jungle Fence 3
Crafting Table 3
Brewing Stand 2
Ender Chest 1
Enchantment Table 1
View Other Materials 54
Skill level 2
Object added 19 Oct 2015
Width 33
Height 19
Depth 35
Tags wooden house, tree house, buiding, wooden house, tree house
Block Count 2037
Object materials
Jungle Leaves (No Decay and Check Decay) 628
Jungle Wood 323
Glass 288
Oak Wood Slab (Bottom) 182
Jungle Wood (facing east/west) 131
Jungle Wood (facing north/south) 126
Oak Wood Plank 72
Jungle Leaves (No Decay) 59
Oak Fence 31
Bookshelf 29
Spruce Wood 26
(Jungle Wood, Bottom) 17
Jungle Wood Stairs (West, Normal) 15
Jungle Wood Stairs (South, Normal) 9
Chest (North) 7
Torch (Facing North) 6
Torch (Facing West) 6
Chest (South) 6
Torch (Facing East) 6
Torch (Facing South) 6
Chest (West) 5
Chest (East) 5
Furnace (Facing North) 5
Anvil (East/West) 4
Cauldron (Fully Filled) 4
Bed (South, Empty, Head of the bed) 3
Bed (North, Empty, Head of the bed) 3
Bed (South, Empty, Foot of the bed) 3
Furnace (Facing East) 3
Furnace (Facing West) 3
Bed (North, Empty, Foot of the bed) 3
Jungle Fence 3
Crafting Table 3
Stone Button (Facing North, Inactive) 2
Stone Button (Facing West, Inactive) 2
Stone Button (Facing East, Inactive) 2
Brewing Stand (Slot 1 Unactive, Slot 2 Unactive, Slot 3 Unac 2
Dispenser (Facing West, Unactive) 2
Dispenser (Facing North, Unactive) 2
Dispenser (Facing East, Unactive) 2
Enchantment Table 1
Ender Chest (Facing West) 1
Furnace (Facing South) 1
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