Automatic Wheat Farm

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Author: NimsTV
Block count: 322
Views: 1890

No, this can't be. I mean, seriously? It looks a bit harsh just locking a villager into the room to keep Your wheat planted and growing, but then again it's genius! You'll have autmatically wheat growing - and the dispensers on the sides should be filled with buckets of water so that the farmland wouldn't dry out! If You can figure out how to replace the Villager then that would be great, leave a comment with the solution. Until then, it's slavery for the poor guy. At least make a room to have a bed in so he could sleep at night!
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Blocks you'll need:

Quartz Block 68
Quartz Slab 51
Farmland 48
Redstone Wire 41
Wheat 23
Cobblestone Wall 23
Purple Stained Clay 17
Light Gray Stained Glass 14
Redstone Torch 10
Hopper 8
Redstone Comparator 4
Glowstone 4
Dispenser 4
Sticky Piston 2
Redstone Block 1
Chest 1
Dropper 1
Piston Head 1
Still Water 1
View Other Materials 7
Skill level 1
Object added 21 Nov 2015
Width 9
Height 7
Depth 16
Tags redstone, working mechanism, machine, wheat farm, working mechanism, wheat farm
Block Count 322
Object materials
Quartz Block 68
Quartz Slab 49
Farmland (Fully Hydrated) 48
Redstone Wire (Power:0) 37
Cobblestone Wall 23
Purple Stained Clay 17
Light Gray Stained Glass 14
Wheat (Age 3) 7
Hopper (Output Facing South, Disabled) 4
Glowstone 4
Wheat (Age 5) 3
Wheat (Age 0) 3
Wheat (Age 4) 3
Wheat (Age 2) 3
Quartz Slab (Upper) 2
Wheat (Age 6) 2
Redstone Torch (on) (Facing Up) 2
Dispenser (Facing West, Unactive) 2
Redstone Wire (Power:1) 2
Dispenser (Facing East, Unactive) 2
Wheat (Age 1) 2
Redstone Torch (off) (Facing South) 2
Redstone Comparator (Facing West, Unset, Powered) 2
Redstone Wire (Power:15) 2
Redstone Comparator (Facing East, Unset, Powered) 2
Redstone Torch (off) (Facing North) 2
Redstone Torch (on) (Facing East) 1
Piston Head (Facing east, Extended) 1
Still Water 1
Dropper (Facing West, Activated) 1
Hopper (Output Facing East, Activated) 1
Chest (South) 1
Redstone Torch (off) (Facing Up) 1
Redstone Torch (off) (Facing East) 1
Hopper (Output Facing West, Activated) 1
Sticky Piston (Facing east, Extended) 1
Hopper (Output Facing East, Disabled) 1
Redstone Torch (on) (Facing South) 1
Hopper (Output Facing South, Activated) 1
Redstone Block 1
Sticky Piston (Facing west, Not Extended) 1
"dont work" -  tom
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2017-09-03 16:36:26 tom

dont work

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