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Author: MrCrayfish
Block count: 113
Views: 408

Holy macaroni! It was about time for some new Minecraft stuff and now this armour stand swapper was released! Anyway, this super cool machine makes choosing the armour much easier for You. Just press the button and it will swap the armour that is displayed. You'll never know what's going to happen next, so be prepared for the worse and choose Your armour wisely! I wish You good luck ;)
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Blocks you'll need:

Dirt 68
Oak Wood Plank 10
Redstone Wire 8
Oak Wood 7
Glowstone 4
Grass 4
Sticky Piston 3
Wooden Trapdoor 2
Redstone Block 2
Stone Button 1
Slime Block 1
Piston Head 1
Redstone Torch 1
Furnace 1
Skill level 1
Object added 05 Nov 2015
Width 3
Height 11
Depth 5
Tags redstone, machine, armour swapper, armour swapper
Block Count 113
Object materials
Dirt 68
Oak Wood Plank 10
Oak Wood 6
Redstone Wire (Power:0) 5
Grass 4
Glowstone 4
Redstone Block 2
Redstone Wire (Power:15) 1
Sticky Piston (Facing up, Not Extended) 1
Furnace (Facing South) 1
Wooden Trapdoor (West from block, Closed, Top Half) 1
Oak Wood (facing east/west) 1
Redstone Wire (Power:14) 1
Redstone Torch (off) (Facing Up) 1
Sticky Piston (Facing down, Extended) 1
Sticky Piston (Facing down, Not Extended) 1
Redstone Wire (Power:13) 1
Piston Head (Facing down, Extended) 1
Wooden Trapdoor (North from block, Closed, Top Half) 1
Slime Block 1
Stone Button (Facing Up, Inactive) 1
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